Tuesday, January 4, 2011


you got me thinking about you again. its 5:31 am and im up an hour early because i cant seem to fall back asleep.
i resminsice about the times when we were close. how we used to call eachother "bestfriend" and hug everytime we pass in the halls. and now what?. you don't even say hi or text me back..you walk past me whenever you see me..did you forget about me already?. i know i wasn't the bestest person out there. i would always complain to you about my guy problems and so. and sometimes i even thought: don't you get tired of this?. wouldn't you think that im a whore since i was bragging about who likes me and such.? i regret going to you about that. like....that really wasn't the real me. this year on 2011. i will be a stronger person. i will be nicer. i will be a better friend.
i know i dont like you anymore but. you were kind of important to me. :/ i thought you would be the one that could understand me but you merely pushed me away after you found a new friend. sometimes i can be cocky.
 i dont make the best conversations but thats because im actually really shy.... i mean you say that your shy and you dont like to be the first to say hi but come on? really? it makes me feel like you dont need me anymore. like you played me for a month. actually..i also regret the time when you were trying to get close to me. but i pushed you away. i didn't reply to your text or im's because i thought you were pretty annoying. but now who am i to say?. I'm really sorry about that but guess what?. you hurt me more than i hurted you. it all kind of back fired don't you think?. I'm going to be better...so please don ignore me anymore. i want you back. :c