Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Im still alive but im barely breathing.

Ever since you left ive been facing this endless battle of being alone. You used to put a smile on my face . You used to have my heart racing. You strucked me like lightning and spread this disease so called " love" through every inch of my body. You weakened my soul and had me in this coma where i dreamed that me and you could stay in eternal grace. But i was just expecting too much, i wasnt prepared for the worst. Your ice cold hands ripped my beating heart out When i was at the calmest state. It hit me all so fast . I was on the verge of death . How could i be so unaware? Was i so sick that the affection we once shared had blinded me?what i didnt see was your intention of killing me. Im now dead to you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today couldve been the 2nd month.

You left me so quick. Its like time is going so quick. I feel as if youre fading to the back of my head where all the past memories would soon disapear into the darkness.i guess the was for the better. I want the best for you but the better for me. I know im selfish. But seriously, ive suffer long enough. Where is happiness?