Thursday, December 23, 2010

everything changed.

but it's for the better. it's because you didnt want me.
you chose him over me. and after you got closer to the people you used to hate.
you threw me aside. and you STILL havent made effort to talk to me when you guys broke up.
honestly. you were never a good friend anyways. remember that time i got stuff all over my shirt?. you had an extra one and wouldn't even let me borrow it. like. the fuck?. that Tell's me your pretty useless. all you can do is make people laugh with your hilarious personality. but deep inside i know your a mean asshole. something i think you make things up trying to impress me or your other friends. like, that not cool at all. ._. it's pathetic.  i really enjoy'ed being your "friend" thanks for the memorie's.

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