Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I want more.

I want you to show me that theres more to us than just making out. I want us to be committed ! Show me that you respect me , that youre willing to understand me. Respect my descisions and opinions. Dont force me. Ask me if its ok! Dont just assume that when i let you get away with something means that it doesnt kill my brain for the whole week.i can be the greatest girlfriend but you dont deserve to see that side of me if youre not willing to work for it. Hasnt anyone ever taught you that it isnt always a easy come? More like an easy go if you play around. I dont care about your friends. I care about us. Keep in mind that a relationship only consists of 2 people; you and me. I hope we can learn more about eachother with the time we have together. Make it worthwhile. Treat me right. Its going to kill me inside if you dont, you dont know how much i overthink things. I take it to the head.

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