Monday, February 21, 2011

this past year.

i've notice that i have changed alot.
i have learned not to rely on other anymore and i've become more independent.
i get better grades now. even though they are not the best. b's -c's. i give alot of my effort.
i think its because i have realized that when you think the closest person will be there for you when your in the time of need. but honestly reality has backfired for me. i must admit, i dont have alot of friend. im socially awkward with people. and growing up, i was the shy and quiet type. i have never thought of my self that way. i just think that i was really loud on the inside but the the opposite. like i always need my friends around me to be myself. to make other friends. so i wont feel alone. sometimes i dont want to tell anyone this because they will think im too serious and lose interest in me. they will think im no fun anymore and begin to fade away along with my other old friends... im staying home alot. not going out as much as i used to before... and im beginning to not know myself anymore. i really need someone to depend on. but all i can do is depend on myself.

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