Monday, April 11, 2011

youre slipping away from me.

i'll be honest because im afraid i will lose you. i can feel it already and its only been a week...
our conversations our different. we cant talk as smoothly as we used to... what went wrong? you're my twin and i understand you but i cant help it when im feeling jealous. when you're with her... im just another person. my god. i dont even know whats wrong with me. we created such a strong bond at the beginning of the year. still going strong until now. she took you away from me...and im scared that you'll never return. also. i can see that youre trying to fit in and all. but you're kind of pushing the perverted thing. i mean you can make jokes about it once in a while but every second is too much and it gets annoying . im just writing this because i care.... i cant tell you face to face. because i already did. and you didn't even bother to change. nor did you look like you cared...

i hope one day you'll realize.... how much you;ve hurt me.

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